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Maintaining your newly ceramic or titanium coating is very easy and doesn't require anything fancy. Just follow these simple guidelines and instructions and your ceramic coating will never fail prematurely.

  • Hand wash vehicle using only a PH neutral car wash soap (Car wash soap provided by E.G. Automotive Detail or any PH neutral car soap)
  • Avoid automated car washing services that use brushes, and or spinning cloth pieces
  • Hand wash vehicle at least once a month.
  • Car washing services that use brushes or spinning cloth pieces are extremely abrasive and typically use very aggressive cleaning agents and high PH car washing soaps.
  • Touch-less car washing services are fine
  • Recommended bi-weekly touch less car washes if using this method of wash.
  • If too busy to maintain vehicles ceramic coating let E.G. Automotive Detail do it for you with our quarterly ceramic coating maintenance package.
  • Don't wash vehicle when panels are hot.
  • Don't wash vehicle in direct sunlight during mid day
  • Enjoy your ceramic or titanium coating

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