E. G. Automotive Detail

The ceramic paint, window & wheel coating specialists

Deep Carpet Extraction 

Window Protective Coating

Wheel Coating Package  

Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning 

Clay Bar

Interior Details Only

Headlight UV Coating

(Warrantied for 1 year

oxidation free.)

Stain Removal Services

Recondition Exterior Plastics 

Engine Bay Detail 

Plastic/Trim Coating:

Paint Correction Services 

Headlight Restoration

(Warrantied for 1 year

oxidation free.)

Maintenance Detail Package

  • Clay bar is not needed

Bronze Detailing Package 

  • First time vehicle 
  • Clay Bar added with this package

SB3 2 year ceramic paint coating 

SB3 5 plus year ceramic paint coating

Polish Paint Package 

Chemical Decontamination (Iron Fallout Remover)

Ozone Package 

  • Eliminate cigarette smoke
  • Eliminate cigar smoke
  • Eliminate Human odors 
  • Eliminate Pet odors 
  • Eliminate Mold smell 
  • Eliminate Mildew smell

Fabric Guard Carpet and Cloth Package 
  • Repels water spots & stains                            
  • Repels oil
  • Repels soil
  • Repels grease
  • Repels dust