E. G. Automotive Detail

Let us do the dirty work!

Shampoo Carpets

Window Protective Coating

Wheel Coating Package  

Leather Cleaning & Reconditioning 

Clay Bar

Interior Details Only

Headlight UV Coating

(Warrantied for 1 year

oxidation free.)

Stain Removal Services

Recondition Exterior Plastics 

Engine Bay Detail 

Plastic/Trim Coating:

Paint Correction Services 

Headlight Restoration

(Warrantied for 1 year

oxidation free.)

Maintenance Detail Package

  • Clay bar is not needed

Bronze Detailing Package 

  • First time vehicle 
  • Clay Bar added with this package

Bulletproof 1 year ceramic paint coating  

SB3 2 year ceramic paint coating 

SB3 6 year ceramic paint coating

6 month booster ceramic coating package 

(Purchased for warranty coverage to be honored)

Single Stage Polish Package (Must be purchased for any ceramic coating package)

Chemical Decontamination (Iron Fallout Remover)

Polishing Plus Wax Package (added onto Bronze package)

Ozone Package 

  • Eliminate cigarette smoke
  • Eliminate cigar smoke
  • Eliminate Human odors 
  • Eliminate Pet odors 
  • Eliminate Mold smell 
  • Eliminate Mildew smell

Fabric Guard Carpet and Cloth Package 
  • Repels water spots & stains                            
  • Repels oil
  • Repels soil
  • Repels grease
  • Repels dust