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Is the first ever long term protective coating to combine Nano Diamond Ceramic Technology. The nano diamonds give unparalleled shine and reflection, creating a diamond brilliance finish to your vehicle.

The ceramic forms a chemical bond to the surface for outstanding protection. The two technologies together result in a stunning appearance with high levels of gloss, slickness, and reflection. Backed with a 7 year guaranteed 3rd party warranty. Ceramic paint coatings are extremely hydrophobic, have self-cleaning properties, harder to get dirty, stay cleaner longer and far easier to maintain during ownership. When ceramic coatings are applied to wheels, brake dust is far easier to remove and does not retain large amounts of brake dust. Headlights are protected from yellowing, hazing up and severely oxidizing. Exterior plastic pieces are fully protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays causing them to fade and look gray, not black.

Interior protection

  • Fast food Stains
  • Beverages
  • UV Rays, fading & discoloration 
  • Cracking of the dash
  • Bleaches, dyes and ink
  • Rip, tears & Punctures
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Blood & bodily fluids 
  • ​Gum
  • Makeup
  • ​Burns ​ 


  • Bird Waste
  • Tree Sap
  • Weather-Snow slush, ice & rain
  • Sun UV Rays, fading & loss of gloss
  • Hard water spots
  • De-Icing Agents and Road Salt
  • Fuel Stains
  • ​Paint Overspray
  • Alloy wheel protection
  • ​Headlight lens protection
  • Black molding & Trim protection
  • ​Bugs and Insects 
  • Acid Rain